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About Us

Fundamental Consultants Limited is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands and has a place of business in Hong Kong. Its Chairman is David M. Webb. He is best known for his not-for-profit work promoting better corporate and economic governance in Hong Kong through, although that publication now reports and opines on a broad range of topics.

David M. Webb is a retired investment banker. He spent 12 years in the field, the first 5 in London before moving to Hong Kong in 1991. He was a Corporate Finance Director of BZW Asia Limited, conducting equity issues and advisory mandates throughout Asia until 1994, when he became in-house adviser to Wheelock, a local listed conglomerate. He retired in 1998 and now divides his time between running and the activities around it, and researching the Hong Kong market, particularly smaller companies. His public roles include:

Past roles include:

Awards include:

Mr Webb graduated in mathematics from Exeter College, Oxford University in 1986 and prior to that was a computer geek, authoring "Supercharge Your Spectrum" (1983) and "Advanced Spectrum Machine Language" (1984), both books on the subject of machine language programming for the Z-80 based Sinclair Spectrum computer. He also wrote a number of best-selling games for the Sinclair Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and Commodore 64, which were in the first generation of 8-bit home computers.